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released August 31, 2012

Rains was put together in homes and rehearsal spaces around Finland between January 2010 and June 2012.

Recorded and mixed by Heikki Hyvänen
Produced by Heikki Hyvänen and Betrayal at Bespin
Mastered by Matias Ahonen / Audiamond
Cover art by Juho Leppänen at Lost Creativity

Music and lyrics by Betrayal at Bespin

Betrayal at Bespin is

Eero Hammais, Heikki Hyvänen, Jaakko Lehtinen, Juho Leppänen, Lauri Mattelmäki, Juho Rantanen, Kristian Soini

Additional musicians

Bass clarinet and additional baritone & tenor sax on Strange Days and Moon River by Markus Pajakkala

Trumpet on Atlantic and Ocean Rain by Lauri Nykänen

Violin on Strange Days, Cherbourg, Atlantic, Slow Dance and Marie Celeste by Jaakko Mattelmäki and Liisi Uusitalo, Cello by Teemu Mastovaara

Upright bass on Slow Dance by Kari Ylinen

Additional vocals on Slow Dance by Noora Leppänen

Backing vocals on Strange Days by Pekka Nisu

Thanks to:
Jarkko Alamäki, Jouni Juutikka, Aapo Kivenmaa, Mika Koivula, Mikko Koivunen, Antti Loponen, Jaakko Mattelmäki, Pekka Nisu, Tapani Rautu, Jaakko Rinne, Esa Valkeajärvi / Blow Up That Gramophone

Friends and families, guest musicians, fellow bands and all of you who listen to our music and support us.




all rights reserved


Betrayal at Bespin Länsi-Suomi, Finland

“What began as a recording project for a few of its members later emerged as a full-blown band of seven. Their music draws influence from various sources and genres including metal, post-rock and film music and invests in moods and atmospheres. Betrayal at Bespin is constantly evolving and always looking in new directions.” ... more

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Track Name: Strange Days
every step I take this night
takes me further away from the lights of this town
and the way back home

darling, we have burnt so bright
strange days and stranger nights
but these rainy streets don't need us anymore

this is where the sidewalk ends
where echoes die slowly in the night
where the sea will drown the sun

tide will wash away
those beautiful storm-clad days
where the sea will drown the sun
Track Name: Slow Dance
the roof is made of tin
I keep the windows open
without your breathing it's not the same

I let the rain come in
and watch the drops race down the glass
without your breathing it's not the same

days in the sun come undone
and the blues in my heart will fade away
Track Name: This Place Is Death
reach for the secret but don't fall
sail the seven seas but just don't fall
the bottle is empty, my mouth is dry
strange days and stranger nights
oh Lord, I've tried

everything starts falling to pieces
I never should have come
this place is death

and if I told you that I was drowning
you wouldn't lend a hand
this place is death
Track Name: My Hands Are On Fire
ghosts will come
time runs out

the waters around me rise over my head
and all I can think of is you
my hands are on fire

I left with my eyes closed and too many bridges burnt
and all that could have been just means to an end

but I wouldn't have it any other way
this is how far I've had to come
to dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight
Track Name: Moon River
now everything is cold white and silver
but in those golden days in the sun I breathe like she breathes

I touch the back of her neck and fall to pieces
'cause once there was a way to get back home